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Recreational and educational outings in the great outdoors

Located 25 minutes from Perpignan, in the middle of the mountains in Marquixanes, the Extérieur Nature Aventure team is pleased to offer you a multitude of activities suitable for all ages, in a vast natural environment.

We have specialized for more than 13 years in the supervision of whitewater and outdoor activities and we would be happy to welcome you to our 2-hectare park, populated by hundred-year-old trees, located on the banks of the Têt river in the Pyrénées Orientales.

On site you will enjoy all the amenities: large car park (bus), toilets, changing rooms, lockers, picnic areas.

outdoor-nature-marquixanes-perpignan-66-tree climbing-canyoning-rafting-climbing-tubing

Tree climbing (from 3 years old)

Activity combining climbing and moving from tree to tree, you will benefit from 12 courses secure at all levels wilderness. Many workshops await you: rope bridge, Tarzan jump, wakeboard, Indiana Jones bridge, and zip lines over the river...

Going beyond the void – Autonomy – Mutual aid – Balance

Canyoning (from 8 years old)

Activity combining hiking, swimming in white water and climbing, you will descend waterways through slides, jumps and abseiling. You will meet in a playful way a wild and preserved fauna and flora.

Awareness of the body and the environment – ​​Reactivity – Self-confidence – Endurance

outdoor-nature-marquixanes-perpignan-66-tree climbing-canyoning-rafting-climbing-tubing
outdoor-nature-marquixanes-perpignan-66-tree climbing-canyoning-rafting-climbing-tubing

Cliff climbing (from 5 years old) / Via Ferrata (from 8 years old)

Sports activity, you will learn about climb on rock walls and progress in complete safety. You will surpass yourself and enjoy exceptional landscapes.

Flexibility – Agility – Concentration – Creativity

A unique moment, incredible memories

These immersions in the natural environment will allow you to discover local fauna and flora and geology. You will work on gross and fine motor skills as well as coordination. You will learn emotional control, control and self-confidence.

The team closely monitors the safety of the various facilities and activities, while being respectful of the environment.

Mini Raid

By team, you will compete in 2 or 3 different events among our activities aquaticland et  air for half or a whole day. This concept of mini raid takes place on our base of activities but is also exportable and adjustable on a place of your choice in France or abroad.

Progress of the Mini Raid:

  •   Duration: 1/2 day or 1 day of activities 
  • 2 or 3 activities to choose from: Accrobranche course, Explor Games, Cayoning discovery, Tubing: buoy descent in the river (only July and August from 12 years old or minimum measure 1m50)


Depending on the workforce, the groups are divided into teams which compete in the different events, a rotation system is put in place to mix the teams.

The organization of the day is "turnkey" you will only have to provide a sports outfit and a picnic.



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Please specify the date and the desired activities as well as the number of people and accompanying persons.