Exterior Nature:
a history, values ​​and a cocktail of outdoor activities!

Our company brings together followers who share the same values : the passion for outdoor sports,nature love and desire to pass them on to the greatest number. Discover our park and its many water, land and air activities, framed by professionals. Choose from tree climbing, canyoning, tubing, rafting, hydrospeed, via ferrata, rock climbing and Explor Games®.

Exterior Nature: a company based on strong values

Le fun, partage and transmission of values are the bases that we want to establish to offer you a unforgettable adventure in our Outdoor Nature park. Our leitmotif is to be in agreement with three essential aspects: the respect the environment and nature activities, friendliness and security.

An eco-responsible tree climbing park

Our adventure park is located in an exceptional setting of 2,5 hectares, right in the middle of poplars, oaks, hackberries and ash trees. Some species are delicate and over 100 years old. Letting them develop as naturally as possible is essential for us.

To do this, the site is built in such a way as to protect the trees thanks to a compression system. It is a question here of installing compresses on each side in order to frame the trunk, then to come to position the platforms and the hooks. We never break through the trees, we just sit on it. Every 2 to 3 years, the compresses are staggered so as not to damage all the plants, to help them breathe better and not to hinder their growth.

In addition, the park is inspected twice a year, before the start of the season. Phytosanitary control is carried out by an expert who comes to check the health of all our trees. He gives us advice on how to keep them in good condition and replant them, if necessary. Operating control is also carried out by a specialist who checks that the cables are securely and legally hooked up.

The maintenance of the estate is entrusted to a expert team that prunes and trims trees to promote their growth and help them breathe better. Likewise, we collaborate with nurserymen in order to replant the trees of tomorrow, that is to say species already present and well adapted to their environment. In addition, the park does not have no sprinkler system, which makes it possible to let all the varieties grow in a natural environment and save water resources.

Outdoor activities that respect the environment

The overcrowding of natural sites is becoming a threat to ecosystems and preventing users from taking full advantage of their benefits. That is why we personalize experiences of our visitors by ensuring that they are never all together in the same place and at the same time. For this, we plan delayed start in canyoning so that nature remains wild and can be admired by all.

The search continues for thebalance between customer service and respect for the environment is the very essence of our project! We want to offer both access to nature while remaining reasonable in attendance.

We are keen to make young and old aware of the biodiversity present around us, in our tree climbing park, but also during canyoning, climbing or via ferrata outings. Highlight what surrounds us by explaining the nature : how does it work? How does a tree breathe? How does he communicate? Why are trees planted here? What interactions can exist between the ecosystem of the forest and that of the river, etc.?

Safety as a point of honor

All our activities always offer support or supervision. In fact, rigor is essential to protect yourself during a potentially dangerous activity.

Therefore, in order to allow you to practice an activity at height, such as tree climbing, we have opted for serenity thanks to the security system CLiC-iT. It guarantees continuity of protection throughout the progression, whether vertical or horizontal, and eliminates any risk of the user falling.

The equipment we provide you with is CE approved and certified. All of our harnesses, lanyards, carabiners, helmets and life jackets are personal protective equipment (PPE) controlled and regulated. They are intended to be worn in order to protect against one or more risks likely to threaten the health or safety of the user. We take care to inspect them every day to guarantee your safety.

Our flocked coveralls and our shoes are in perfect condition. To ensure your comfort, we check them daily and renew them regularly.

Usability above all

We make a point of honor on the quality of your welcome. Our duty is to bring you friendliness, smiles and kindness during your day. The guides and supervisors of all our activities welcome you with good mood and do everything for you to have a great time.
Our philosophy is to share our passion for outdoor recreation and the sensations they provide, then to pass on our knowledge of the plant and aquatic world.

To find out more about our welcome and our outdoor activities and leisure activities:


Our team, sparkling and passionate

The team we form is young, dynamic, friendly, smiling and attentive of your expectations. The company Exterior Nature would not have become what it is today without all the members, men and women, who worked there and who contributed to its development and its success.

In high season, we are approximately 35 people, fervent admirers of Mother Nature. Our ambition is to transmit our values, to share unique moments by making you discover the department of Pyrénées-Orientales and its wonders.

Victor and Laure Leveque

Our team consists first of all of Victor, the manager of the company, and his wife, Laure.

Victor is a lover of nature and insects, so it's no coincidence that you find mansions everywhere on the site for these little creatures. Moreover, for him "it's a duty, because in general, if you're afraid of insects, it's because you don't know them well"! Thus, its objective is to make us discover this beautiful ecosystem.

Canyon Mas Calsan Ceret
Briefing before a canyoning outing by an Outdoor Nature guide

Professional guides and supervisors

Then, the other members group together state-certified professionals experienced and specialized in all disciplines:

  • Aquatics: canyoning, rafting, hydrospeed, tubing.
  • Aerial: tree climbing, climbing, via ferrata.
  • Land: orienteering and Explor Games®


All guides and attendants hold state diplomas and patents corresponding to each of the activities they oversee:

For canyoning : either State license for climbing, speleology or high mountain guide, or State diploma for canyoning (also called canyoning, in France). These are the only diplomas allowing to supervise canyoning professionally.

For via ferrata and climbing : State climbing certificate.

For tree climbing : State climbing certificate or CQP OPAH (Certificate of Professional Qualification Operator of Acrobatic Courses at Height).

For rafting and hydrospeed : State diploma or CKDA professional certificate (canoeing, kayaking and associated disciplines).

The reception team

Besides the guides and operators, the fantastic reception team and at the edge of the water is present to make you spend a pleasant moment.

Not to mention the staff in the kitchen, at the service and at the bar of our guinguette restaurant Le Caillou who welcomes you with open arms. Come relax on the large panoramic terrace overlooking the park and the river.

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Exterior Nature: from its birth to the present day

The Outdoor Nature adventure was born in 2007. Victor, a canyoning enthusiast, decided to bring together the best canyon guides in the Pyrénées-Orientales to offer canyoning outings combining quality, user-friendliness and safety.

A fan of water sports, he quickly adds a tubing activity on the Têt river, in Marquixanes.

Then, over the years, the range of leisure activities at Extérieur Nature has expanded to climbing, via via ferrata, Rafting et the hydrospeed. Exterior Nature also develops corporate events such as team building and seminars, in France and abroad.

In 2017, Victor joined a magnificent adventure park and a cute little owl restaurant right next to the tubing, in Marquixanes. Always eager to offer a great diversity of outdoor activities, in 2020, he adds theExplorGames to create a large outdoor amusement park. The same year, the restaurant was baptized The rock and transforms into a pretty guinguette at the edge of the water.

Outdoor leisure park near Perpignan

Today, Exterior Nature offers a whole cocktail of leisure and outdoor sports:

On-site activities in Marquixanes:

1/ theTree Climbing park with 12 adventure courses, including giant zip lines up to 160 m that can cross the river;

2/ le tubing, river descent on a large inflatable buoy;

3/ theExplorGames : outdoor treasure hunt and escape game.


Off-site activities in Pyrénées-Orientales (66) and Aude (11):

4/ le canyoning, Rafting and l'hydrospeed ;

5/ theclimbing and via via ferrata.

We also organize events Team Building and seminars incentives in our leisure park in Marquixanes, but also in France or abroad.

All our activities are also ideal for groups of friends, cousinades, sporty or not, the bachelor or bachelorette parties, children's birthday parties, etc.

Apart from the activities, we also offer comfortably furnished places of conviviality. OUR Restaurant Le Caillou offers you a moment of sweetness. Come and taste good homemade dishes with fresh, seasonal and local products.

However, if you prefer to relax or have lunch by the river, we have set up a picnic area with tables. Don't forget that you also have free lockers, changing rooms and parking.

Here you are all welcome : families with children, teenagers, young adults between friends and adults.

Our Outdoor Nature leisure park and our activities have been designed for your satisfaction, your entertainment, in a friendly atmosphere and with the strictest respect for the environment.

The whole team awaits you for a moment of pure sporting happiness!