Children's course:

Accompany your budding adventurers and let them evolve in complete safety on adapted routes

2 “Pitchoun” courses: 3 to 6 years old 

Accessible from 3 years, the "pitchouns" courses are reserved for children under 1m tall. Alongside your little adventurers, you can encourage them and help them to overcome the obstacles set up at "man's height" (about 20m from the ground). 
Pitchoun course 1: 
  • alphabet bridge
  • Mesh tunnel
  • Swing 
  • Slides and zip lines 
Pitchoun course 2: 
  • rock climbing
  • Net rope bridge 
  • 25m zip line
Introduce your children to the joys of nature and share a real moment of complicity.

Children's course:

2 green courses: 

Experience your first sensations at height on Introductory courses accessible from 1m20. 
These progressive courses are relatively close to the ground, to start gently and become familiar with the activity.
Ideal for family with your children from 6/7 years old, share a moment with your family.
Green Route 1
↑ 4m high
  • Boardwalk
  • ​Net tunnel
  • balance logs 
Green Route 2 
↑ 3m high
  • Climbing wall 
  • giant mushrooms
  • Tibetan bridges
  • Swing 
Green Route 3
↑ 5m high
  • Jungle Tracks
  • cabin on stilts 
  • Zip lines up to 40m
2 blue courses:
Have your first steps on the green course made you want more? Direction the blue courses, take the height.
Just like the green courses, the blue ones are accessible to adults and children over 1m20 accompanied by their parents.
Cross the river on our zip lines: an adventure to share with the family.
Blue course 1 
↑ 3m high
  • Tree house
  • Giant spider web to climb 
  • Flying swing 
  • Zip lines up to 40m


Blue course 2 
↑ 6m high
  • Zipline over the 40m river 
  • Liana of Tarzan 
  • U-cable 
​Blue Course 3
↑ 10m high
  • Elastic boards
  • Jungle Tracks 
  • Net rope bridge 
  • Ziplines up to 40m

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