10 courses

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Open every day
from 10AM to 20PM

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Exterior Nature welcomes the big kids, Adolescents and adults on all of its 10 parcours tree climbing! Green and blue routes for initiate to the activity, red routes for take height and black course for the more athletes et reckless. Thrills guaranteed!

The green and blue courses to learn about tree climbing

3 green courses: 

Experience your first sensations at height on Introductory courses low.
Green Route 1:
↑ 3m high
  • Tibetan Bridges
  • ​American Roll
  • Crossing on beam
Green Route 2:
↑ 2m high
  • Climbing wall
  • Snake
  • giant mushrooms
  • Swing


Green Route 3:

↑ 5m high

  • jungle tracks
  • cabin on stilts
  • Tibetan bridges
  • Zip lines up to 40 meters

3 blue courses: 

Did your first steps on the green courses make you want more sensations? Head for the blue courses!
Blue Course 1:
↑ 3m high
  • Tree house
  • giant spider web
  • Swing
  • Zip lines up to 40m
Blue Course 2:
↑ 6m high 
  • Zip line over the 35 m river 
  • 25 m Tibetan bridge
  • Monkey bridge 


Blue Course 3:
↑ 10m high

  • elastic board 
  • Net rope bridge
  • 2 zip lines of 40 m

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The red treetop adventure courses for adults and teenagers looking for thrills

3 red courses: 

Things are getting tough! You will have to keep your cool to progress on these courses which require more balance and synchronization. 

Red Route 1:
↑ 8m high
  • Zip lines up to 40 m 
  • giant waves
  • Suspended platform
  • Tarzan Leap 
  • Slackline
Red Route 2:
↑ 6m high
  • 8m climbing net
  • hanging logs
  • Ziplines over the river up to 60m long

Red Route 3:
↑ 5m high

  • The 30m Tyro-Wakeboard
  • Indiana Jones Giant Bridge
  • Zip line over the river
  • climbing net

The black tree climbing course for the most daring adults

1 black course: 

At 17 m from the ground, go beyond your limits by climbing onto the suspended net and jumping into the void above the river on our giant zip line!

To compete with this course it will be necessary to exceed the 1m and 50kg. Below this weight, you probably won't make it to the end of the long ziplines. 
Black Course: 
↑ 17m high
  • 5 zip lines up to 160 m 
  • no giants
  • Hanging nets
  • Giant slackline on the river 

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