6 good reasons to organize an outing to an adventure park

Le adventure park, also called tree climbing park, is a great exit to do in family ou With friends. Equipped with a harness and carabiners, you move from tree to tree along a secure cable. On the program: rope bridges, zip lines, giant spider webs, rope ladders, footbridges, suspended logs, and many more obstacles more fun as each other. This is , sports stakeholders , riding a wilderness in the shade of the trees et suitable for all ages. Do you still doubt? To convince you, we present to you 6 good reasons to organize an outing in a adventure park. And for once, we can say that we know the subject well: we maintain the magnificent Exterior Nature treetop adventure park in the Pyrénées-Orientales (66)!

Nature outdoor adventure park

First of all, we would like to draw your attention to an essential point:

To ensure the safety of your family or group of friends, check carefully that the adventure park safety measures that you are targeting are satisfactory:

  • Safety equipment (harnesses, carabiners) in good condition and CE approved;
  • Supervisors graduates and qualified;
  • Trees healthy and structures, platforms, cables, ropes, etc. in good condition ;
  • Etc

At Extérieur Nature, safety is our priority!

1. The trip to an adventure park: the opportunity to have a good time with the family

You are in holiday or weekend in family and you want to have a good time with your tribe? You are looking for a good business idea who would suitable for little ones, as at ados and parents ? Good news: the Travel adventure is a great idea to family outing.

Tree climbing is suitable for all ages, young and old. The courses are completely secure and adapted to the size of all adventurers. The activity is monitored by trained and experienced professionals.

From 3 years old, children can learn about the pleasure of moving from tree to tree, in complete safety. Walkways, rope bridges and obstacles are at adult height. You can follow and guide your little ones along the way. What pride to see them overcome obstacles and evolve like little monkeys! Under your encouragement, your toddlers will be proud to take up the tree climbing challenge!

For children from 1m20 and all audiences, the green and blue courses are ideal for attacking the treetops, independently. And what is very nice is to go on an adventure together, children and parents, and thus create beautiful moments of complicity.

But tree climbing is not just for children! The red and black courses reserve beautiful surprises and strong emotions for teenagers and adults...

In short, you will have understood it, the advantage of tree climbing is that everyone is having fun, regardless of age. For once there is an activity that appeals to children AND parents, you might as well take advantage of it… It's a good opportunity to experience a family adventure, to strengthen the bonds of the tribe and to make beautiful memories.

2. Take yourself for Tarzan: great for having fun with friends!

bands of friends, bachelor party girl (EVJF), bachelor party boy (EVG), cousins, etc., go on an adventure with friends in the trees! It’s original, it’s different and it’s surrounded by nature.

The adventure courses are scalable and adapted according to the levels. The less sporty will enjoy the green or blue courses. The more adventurous will get a good adrenaline rush on the red courses and the formidable black course. The highlight of the show: the giant zip lines, including one 160 m above the river! Thrills guaranteed!

The tree climbing course is the assurance of have a good time with friends, to have fun and laugh. Besides, we share with you our favorite joke: just when one of your friends jumps into the void, shout to him: “Wait! Hold on ! Hold on ! » it has its effect 😊

3. Treetop trails: the freshness of a shaded park

In summer, it’s no surprise that it’s hot. Especially in the south of France. Sometimes even VERY hot, during heatwaves. If you want escape the sun and the sweltering heat, tree climbing is what you need. Because, who says tree climbing, says trees! And there's nothing better than the shade of the trees to do lower the temperature a bit and bring freshness.

The advantages of Outdoor Nature, in Marquixanes (66): the tree climbing is located in a beautiful wooded park of more than 2,5 hectares, crossed by the Têt river. The proximity of a fresh and pure stream reduces the heat and brings a pleasant feeling of freshness. Ah… We breathe! Come and enjoy it!

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4. Tree climbing courses: a sporting and fun activity for everyone

It may not look like that, but we assure you that overcoming all the obstacles in our adventure courses will engage all your muscles. Even some you didn't know existed... Of course, there are different levels : everyone can have fun while making a sports activity, according to his abilities and desires.

But that's not all, with tree climbing, you improve your ability to coordination, your balanced, your endurance, your flexibility and you stretch your muscles. Doing sports without realizing it, while having fun, is great, isn't it?

The adventure courses are also excellent for children, who develop their sense of balance, their motor faculties and learn to overcome their fears. This is a very good activity to help them have self-confidence !

5. Climbing trees: an outing in contact with nature

La Environmental Protection and raising children's awareness of the beauty of nature are increasingly at the heart of our concerns. You may feel a craving for the outdoors, to practice a ecological activity respectful of nature. That's good, the adventure course in the forest of Extérieur Nature meets all these criteria:

  • a ecological activity which requires no source of energy (apart from your muscles!);
  • a magnificent wooded park of more than two hectares, in an exceptional natural setting by the river;
  • from usmany different tree species, in particular holm oaks, hackberries, acacias or black poplars, rising to more than 12 meters in height;
  • a system of tree climbing structures made by compression : no tree is pierced and the compression points are changed every three years, so as not to hinder tree growth (the only park in the Pyrénées-Orientales to use this system);
  • a biodiversity preserved thanks to our controlled and measured impact on the environment;
  • le annual inspection of the trees in the park every year by a phytosanitary expert.

We are enthusiasts, amazed by the beauty of nature and the landscapes of the Pyrénées-Orientales. Since 2007, we only offer environmentally friendly outdoor activities. Our park is our greatest asset and we take great care of it!

6. The adventure park: a good way to escape the crowds

Are you tired of struggling to find a small piece of sand to put your towel on the beach of Argelès-sur-Mer, Canet-en-Roussillon or Saint-Cyprien? Are you tired of slaloming between people to get around? Do you dread the queues whenever you want to go somewhere? In short, you will die ofwant to escape the crowd ?

Come and spend the day in our leisure park in Marquixanes. Here, the number of people admitted at the same time on the adventure courses is limited : no traffic jams!

Our organization, well-honed for years, and the professionalism of our team guarantee you access to the equipment, briefing and course, without waiting for hours. Cherry on the cake, we welcome you with a smile, in joy and good humor ! Friendly atmosphere guaranteed.

Finally, a small detail that is important: we provide you with a large free parking : no need to turn around for an hour to find a place…

So, convinced? Come and visit us !


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