Hydrospeed - White water swimming
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You have too hot ? you want you refresh while doing sports ? So try it swimming down the river ! Exterior Nature takes you to hydrospeed outing, near the Pyrenees-Orientales (66). Go on the attack rapids of the Aude, just 1 hour drive from Perpignan et Canet-en-Roussillon and 1 h 15Argelès-sur-Mer ou Saint-Cyprien. Embark on a white water activity and fill it up sensations andstrong emotions, to share With friends ou in family !

Our hydrospeed outings near the Pyrénées-Orientales

Where to go whitewater swimming or hydrospeed in the Pyrénées-Orientales?

There are no sites suitable for whitewater swimming in the Pyrénées-Orientales, due to the narrow width and insufficient water flow of rivers and streams. On the other hand, Aude (11) offers fantastic hydrospeed descents, a few kilometers from the Pyrénées-Orientales.

Exterior Nature offers sports outings on the two best hydrospeed spots from the south of the Languedoc-Roussillon region and Occitanie. Amateur or experienced athletes, groups of friends or families go on an adventure in the Aude gorges! A great outdoor activity to cool off in crystal clear water and have a memorable day.

And if you prefer to stay in the Perpignan region, try our other whitewater activities: the canyoning and tubing !

Sports hydrospeed course in the gorges of Saint-Georges

The framework :

Set off on a 7 km descent in class II and III rapids and experience the sensations provided by sport swimming in white water!

In a breathtaking setting, at the foot of vertiginous cliffs, enjoy an aquatic adventure surrounded by nature.

Useful information :

  • Difficulty : for amateur or experienced athletes — know how to swim 25 meters and immerse yourself — class II — III rapids
  • Age : from 12 years old.
  • Duration of activity : approximately 2 hours including 1 hour 15 minutes of descent, 30 minutes of welcome and equipment, and return shuttles.
  • Price : from €39 to €41.
  • Meeting place : in Axat, 1 hour from Perpignan and 1h15 from Argelès-sur-Mer, Saint-Cyprien, Canet-En-Roussillon.
Hydrospeed sensation Pyrénées-Orientales

Hydrospeed sensations course in the Pierre-Lys gorges

The framework :

Notice to adventurers: this torrent descent in the heart of a magnificent landscape is made for you! Embark on a 7 km hydrospeed course on the roughest part of the river: thrills and adrenaline rush guaranteed!

The difficulty increases throughout the activity, to end with a finale rich in emotions with its sequences of class III and IV rapids.

Useful information :

  • Difficulty : for athletes in good physical condition, thrill seekers — know how to swim 25 meters and immerse themselves — class III — IV rapids
  • Age : from 14 years old.
  • Duration of activity : approximately 3 hours including 2 hours of descent, 30 minutes of reception and equipment, and round trip shuttles.
  • Price : from €40 to €45.
  • Meeting place : in Axat, 1 hour from Perpignan and 1h15 from Argelès-sur-Mer, Saint-Cyprien, Canet-En-Roussillon.
Whitewater swimming in the Perpignan region

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What is hydrospeed?

Hydrospeed is an aquatic sport, also called whitewater swimming.

Equipped with a rigid foam float (hydrospeed), a reinforced neoprene suit, a life jacket, a helmet and flippers, you will be immersed in the rapids of the Gorges de l'Aude. The goal is to use your body to steer you through the rough waters of Class II-IV. Hydrospeed is an ideal aquatic activity and a sensational moment to share with family or friends.

Exterior Nature invites you to discover this sliding sport accompanied by our team of whitewater sports professionals.

In the south of France, the best place to go hydrospeeding is on the Aude, in Axat, on the border of the Pyrénées-Orientales. The Aude is a river with its source in the Pyrenees, at an altitude of more than 2 meters. It dug spectacular gorges in the limestone, rising to more than 000 meters in height. An ideal setting for water sports! She also gave her name to the department of Aude (300).

Whitewater swimming outing: good to know

What equipment is needed to do hydrospeed?

All the equipment for swimming in white water is provided to you:

  • the rigid foam float (hydrospeed);
  • the reinforced neoprene suit;
  • life jacket ;
  • helmet ;
  • neoprene slippers;
  • a pair of flippers.


All personal protective equipment (PPE) is CE approved, and checked and checked daily to guarantee the highest level of security.

What do I need to plan for a hydrospeed swim descent?

The only things you need to bring for your hydrospeed outing are:

  • a swimsuit ;
  • a towel ;
  • a bottle of water and a small snack: you will appreciate them when you return from your rafting trip.


We take care of the rest !

How to book a hydrospeed outing – Pyrénées-Orientales?

You can book online in just a few minutes, by clicking on the button below:

If you need additional information, contact us! We will be happy to answer your questions.

In which cases can my reservation be cancelled?

The feasibility of your outing mainly depends on the weather conditions and the water flow of the river. For this, our guides regularly monitor the weather to determine if the practice of hydrospeed is feasible on the day of your outing. In case of cancellation, you will be notified in advance by telephone.

Group hydrospeed outing

Whitewater swimming is a great idea to group outing. Whether you are with friends or family, take advantage of preferential rates.

Do you want to offer a bachelor party for a boy (EVG) or a bachelor party for a young girl (EVJF) original, aquatic and unforgettable? Contact us!

Group hydrospeed swimming is also a great way to strengthen ties and create a good team spirit between your employees: organize a team building outing aquatic !

To know more :

Can we do hydrospeed all year round?

The practice of swimming in white water is ideal in summer. Depending on the weather conditions and the water level, hydrospeed outings can be organized in spring and autumn. On the other hand, in winter, the water temperature is too cold to enjoy this water sport.

To plan your outing in optimal conditions:

At Exterior Nature, we are white water sports enthusiasts. Canyoning, hydrospeed, rafting and tubing hold no secrets for us. We share our passion and our good humor with you, to make you live an unforgettable experience, in complete safety!

History of whitewater swimming and hydrospeed

Whitewater swimming made its first appearance in the 1950s in Canada and appeared in France 10 years later, in the 1960s.

At the time, the equipment was rudimentary and consisted only of a simple pair of flippers.

It was in 1978 that the French Claude Puch invented the hydrospeed, this unsinkable rigid foam float equipped with handles, essential for the practice of swimming in white water today.

Its usefulness has proven to be multiple: it is of course a flotation aid, but it also provides protection for the torso, pelvis and arms against possible shocks on the rocks.

The first French whitewater swimming club was born in 1980.

En 1990, the Federation French canoe-kayak integrates hydrospeed into its disciplines. Swimming in white water then developed as a sporting activity and tourist leisure.

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