a complete and fun team activity!

Discover a original idea for your group activity ou team building day : the costs rafts, followed by a race! A collective adventure where team cohesion will be essential.

Raft construction: the program

This creative activity and collaboration takes place over half a day. The goal for each team is to build a boat navigable type " raft », to then confront the other teams and their rafts during a final course of "survival".

  •  Tools, materials, rafts, water, brains…
  •  A team of professionals at your service
  •  An original and customizable activity
  •  An unforgettable collective adventure  

Phase 1: construction of the rafts

Using bamboo, inner tubes, boards and strings, participants must collaborate and build a raft together.

Flash games allow you to win bonus equipment or tools to customize boats.

Manufacturing of team building rafts
Group raft building

Phase 2: the raft race

Once participants are equipped with helmets, life jackets and paddles, each team boards their raft and places himself on the starting line of the course.

Cohesion et coordination must be there to cross the finish line first!

This activity, at a time playful et sports, allows everyone to express themselves according to their abilities, for example:

  • establish the best waterline for the engineer;
  • create and paint the flag for the artist;
  • tie knots solid for the DIYer;
  • paddle hard and propel the raft for the athlete;
  • helm and lead the crew to victory for the strategist…

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Raft manufacturing and racing: practical information

The raft building activity is ideal for:

  • The business seminars
  • Events team building
  • The EVG et EVJF
  • The exits from schools : middle schools, high schools, grandes écoles…
  • Meetings with friends or family!


Where and when ?

  • All year
  • In Occitania: Montpellier, Toulouse, Perpignan and throughout France!


Prices : quote on request


To immortalize your adventure, we offer:

  • The services of a professional photographer. 
  • Rental of HD cameras to take your own images.

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