Raft building

Here we offer you a original idea  for your  team building day : the raft race. A collective adventure or team cohesion will be essential, throughout the event, from building your raft to the management of the big final race.

In the program :

  •  Rafts, water, brains...
  •  A team of professionals at your service
  •  An original and customizable activity
  •  An unforgettable collective adventure 


Raft building

Prices: on request for quotation 

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Team Building building rafts

This activity of creation and collaboration takes place over half a day. The goal for each team is to build a boat navigable type " raft », and then compete with other teams and to their rafts during a final race of "survival".

1st phase: the construction of the rafts
With the help of bamboos, inner tubes, planks and strings, the participants must collaborate in the construction of the raft. Of flash games make it possible to earn bonus equipment to tools to customize boats...

2nd phase: the raft race
Once equipped with helmets, life jackets and paddles, each team embarks on its raft and places itself on the starting grid of the course. Cohesion et coordination must be present in order to pass the finish line first.

This activity at a time playful et athletic allows everyone to express themselves according to their abilities, for example:

  • establish the best waterline for the engineer
  • create and paint the flag for the artist
  • tie knots solid for the do-it-yourselfer
  • paddle hard and propel the raft for sportsman
  • lead the helm and the crew to victory for the strategist…
  • To immortalize your adventure we can offer you the services of a professional photographer 
  • The possibility of renting cameras HD to create your own images

Who our day is for: raft building

  • For your business seminar
  • For your event team building
  • Schools: colleges, high schools, colleges, etc.
  • At your meeting with friends

Practice period:

  • All year
  • In France or abroad
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Business seminar in Occitania, near Montpellier, Toulouse, Barcelona, ​​Perpignan

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