Collaborative building

Collaborative building

ready for a team game?

In teams, you will collaborate for half or a whole day among our various collaborative construction activities.

This project takes place on our base of activities in Marquixanes in the Pyrénées Orientales, 25min from Perpignan, but is also exportable and adjustable to a place of your choice anywhere in France or abroad.

🌿 “Eco-friendly” project

The objective: to collect as much waste as possible along the river or park in order to carry out a common work using this waste in the form of an Orienteering Course:

  • Beacons will be positioned between the edges of rivers and the surrounding forests. Questions will be hung on each of them in order to score bonus points while respecting the allotted time and collecting as much waste as possible!
  • The waste collected will then be used to carry out a common work. A creative leisure stand will be made available to refine their project.

🪵 Realization / construction project

The objective: in teams, build a structure (rafts or geometric structures) according to the theme of your choice.

  • In each team different roles will be determined to carry out the project.
  • Enigmas will have to be deciphered in order to earn points that can be exchanged for creative leisure equipment in order to complete the decoration of your construction.
Collaborative construction group activity Pyrénées-Orientales


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Please specify the date and the desired activities as well as the number of people and accompanying persons.