Collaborative construction:
ecological group entertainment

Looking for a group activity on ecological theme ? The collaborative construction is what you need! This animation is designed for raise participants' awareness of environmental protection and to strengthen team spirit. A activity ideal for team building, business seminars, school outings (high schools, higher schools) and all groups !  

An ecological group activity

During a day or an half day, Teams collaborate to the realization of a joint project.

Ecological group activity
Ecological group activity

A project to preserve nature

In the form of orienteering, the different teams aim to collect as much waste as possible and objects along a river or park. 

Personalized tags containing questions are positioned between the banks of rivers and the surrounding forests.

Participants must answer the questions to score bonus points, while collecting as much waste as possible and objects within the allotted time.  

The collected elements will then be used to carry out a joint work


With the waste and objects collected, each team's mission is to build a structure : boat, sculpture, bird shelter, etc., depending on the theme of your choice.

A stand ofcreative leisure tools and materials is made available to participants to refine their project.

To spice up the game, teams must decipher riddles. Each correct answer allows you to earn points exchangeable for material intended to beautify their structures. 

Group environmental protection

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Collaborative construction: practical information

Sculpture made as a team with waste

Your group activity day can be arranged in our outdoor leisure park, in Marquixanes in the Eastern Pyrenees, 25 minutes from Perpignan.

We also organize the collaborative construction activity on the location of your choice all over in France ou abroad.

Prices : on quote depending on location, date and number of participants.

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