The 4 best canyoning outings in the Pyrénées-Orientales for experienced athletes

You are sports stakeholders , lover of thrills and follower of canyoning to Extreme sports en Rapids ? That's good, so are we! At the house of Exterior Nature, canyoning, it's like a religion! If you are looking for best sports canyons in the Pyrénées-Orientales, You are in the right place. For the experts, confirmed in canyoning, or for athletes investigation intense emotions, discover our selection of the most beautiful extreme canyons from the region of Perpignan (66). Follow the leader !

Best sporting canyons in the Pyrénées-Orientales

1. Canyoning sensation of Llech – Pyrénées-Orientales

The Llech canyon is the most famous in the Pyrénées-Orientales. He takes his fame from his appearances playful, sporty and very aquatic. Located in the Canigou massif, near Prades, the Llech gorges offer a magnificent mineral landscape made up of splendid gneiss cliffs.

The Llech canyoning outing is rhythmic and intense, with a continuous sequence of very varied obstacles. For three and a half hours, you will have to cross 21 waterfalls, 12 giant slides, 3 rappel descents and 4 jumps. To give you an idea, the local guides have given nicknames to the extreme slides : "the washing machine", "the S", "the surprise", "the eject". It promises great sensations in white water!

The approach walk is relatively accessible (30 minutes downhill). On the other hand, the return walk is a bit tough: 45 minutes uphill. But frankly, this small inconvenience is largely compensated by the quality of the canyoning outing.

To take full advantage of the Llech canyon, it is recommended to be over 16 years old and to know how to swim and immerse yourself. Rating: v3a4III.

Find all the information on Llech here.

2. Wild canyon of the Taurinya gorges – Pyrénées-Orientales

This canyon is tailor-made for sportsmen and canyoning connoisseurs, looking for a real adventure in nature.

The Taurinya Gorge is isolated and difficult to access, which guarantees a wild and uncrowded canyon. The other side of the coin, you can imagine, these are somewhat long approach and return walks… But we get nothing for nothing, don't we?

Endurance and good physical condition are essential, because the activity lasts between 7 and 8 hours! This intense and very aerial canyoning outing, off the beaten track, is a real favorite.

On the program: jumps up to 5 meters, slides from 3 to 12 meters and many abseilings along very wet waterfalls! The last dizzying waterfall of 45 meters offers a finale in apotheosis.

We recommend the Taurinya Canyon to athletes and extreme thrill seekers over 16 years old, who know how to swim and immerse themselves without fear. Rating v4a4III.

More information on the Taurinya gorges here.

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3. Cady expert canyon – Pyrénées-Orientales

If you are sporty and accustomed to extreme canyoning, then the Cady canyon is made for you! 3 km long and lasting 7 to 8 hours, this canyoning trip consists of technical passages, steps and obstacles, each more fun than the other.

You start with a one-hour approach walk to enter one of the wildest canyons in the Pyrénées-Orientales. Then, natural slides (up to 20 meters long!), abseiling (up to 15 meters) and jumps (up to 12 meters) punctuate your whitewater activity. With the extreme slides "the duck's beak" and "the toboggan of death", you close your outing with beautiful adrenaline rush. The one and a half hour return walk does not tarnish the pleasure of having spent a whole day in total immersion in nature.

To fully appreciate this sporting and technical day, it is recommended to be at least 16 years old and to know how to swim and immerse yourself. Rating v4a5III.

To learn more, it's here.

4. Sports canyoning at Salt del Pi – Pyrénées-Orientales

For this last suggestion of sports canyon, it is in the Vallespir that we take you, near Céret in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

Ideal for athletes looking for thrills, the Salt del Pi is a wild canyon off the beaten track. We particularly like it for the variety of landscapes and obstacles it offers: open waterways, narrow and deep gorges, boulders to cross, grandiose waterfalls. We take full view!

On the program: a 4 to 5 hour activity including jumps up to 7 meters, rappelling down to 22 meters, slides up to 11 meters and a abseiling 20 meter slide! The very short return walk is appreciable, especially after a intense sports day.

We recommend the Salt del Pi canyoning outing to thrill-seeking athletes over the age of 14, who know how to swim and immerse themselves. Rating v4a3II.

More info here.

Exterior Nature: your expert guide to the best sporting canyons in the Pyrénées-Orientales

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