From what age can children go canyoning?

Le canyoning is a thrilling activity and full ofadventures which attracts many lovers of thrills. Imagine yourself evolving in magnificent wild gorges, rappel down waterfalls, swim in pools of crystal clear water and slide on natural slides ! This whitewater recreation offers a unique outdoor experience, combining sport and nature exploration. Ideal for a family outing ! Inasmuch as parents looking for a recreational and sporting activity to share with your children, you are probably wondering starting at what age you can introduce your little ones to canyoning. In this article, Outdoor Nature answers this question and provides you with useful information for organizing a canyoning trip adapted to the age of your children, in all security.

Canyoning: from what age for children?

Canyoning: an adventure accessible to children!

Contrary to popular belief, canyoning is a activity completely suitable for children, from the age of 8. It's even a hobby that has many benefits for your little ones, provided you organize your outing in good safety conditions.

Choose the canyon well and hire a professional guide

It is essential to choose a canyon corresponding to the level and age of your children. To make your choice, it is necessary to be accompanied by a qualified and experienced guide. The professional guide knows the canyons of his region well and will be able to direct you to the one that corresponds to the level of your children.

The guide is trained for you explain in a pedagogical way the path to follow, safety postures and how to overcome obstacles. He is there for guide you, accompany you and make your day a pleasant moment, in all serenity.

In addition, the canyoning guide provides you with a quality material, adapted to the size of your child: neoprene wetsuit, helmet, harness, lanyards, carabiners, descender.

The benefits of canyoning for children

Ce water sport presents of many benefits for children.

First of all, it's a excellent sports and physical activity which allows them to develop enduranceTheir Muscular force and their flexibility.

By facing the challenges of canyoning, children learn to Excel in overcome their fears and develop their self-confidence.

In addition, canyoning promotes the development ofbalanced, coordination and dexterity, skills that will be useful in many aspects of their daily lives.

Whatever the age: the skills required for canyoning

Before taking your children to canyoning, it is important to check that they have certain skills necessary for this activity.

First, they must know how to swim at least 25 meters and be able to immerse (put your head under water) without fear.

It is also necessary that they are not not prone to vertigo, as some portions of the canyons involve rappelling and jumping.

In addition, children must be sufficiently enduring to be able to walk on rough terrain without too much difficulty. It is however not essential to be very sporty, it is enough to have a correct physical condition.

To ensure that your children are suitable for canyoning, you can organize a few preliminary tests.

For example, start with a short hike in the mountains to assess their walking abilities. You can also test their reaction to the height by offering them a climbing activity indoors or outdoors. Finally, an exit swimming in the river will check their level of swimming and make sure that it does not frighten them.

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Canyons adapted to each age

Now that you've assessed your children's abilities, you can choose the right canyon for their age and skill level. Here is a brief presentation of the canyons according to the different levels:

Canyons beginner level: from the age of 8

These canyons are generally quite short and are traversed in . The most impressive obstacles (jumps and rappels) can be circumvented and the approach and return steps are relatively short. It is an excellent option to introduce your children to canyoning gently and safely.

Intermediate level canyons: from 12 years old

These canyons offer slightly more difficult obstacles to overcome and the outings are longer, lasting 3 to 4 hours. They allow children to take up new challenges, to evolve on a playful terrain and to enjoy a great experience in a natural environment.

Sport level canyons: from 14 or 16 years old

The canyons of this level require good stamina and physical condition, as the outings can last between 6 and 8 hours, or even more! The obstacles encountered cannot be circumvented, which requires a certain degree of self-control and the ability to jump into the water (in every sense of the word!). It is recommended to practice canyoning beforehand on a lower level exit before embarking on the sports canyons.

Canyoning: from what age? From 8 years old!

Canyoning is therefore a thrilling activity accessible to children from 8 years old, provided they choose the right canyon suited to their level and are accompanied by a qualified guide.

Whether you opt for a beginner, intermediate or sporty canyon, canyoning offers a unique experience that will allow your children to push their limits, develop their self-confidence and live memorable moments with family.

Outside Nature: canyoning outings suitable for all ages

If you go to the recherche of experienced guides to accompany your family on an unforgettable canyoning adventure, call on our guides! At Exterior Nature, we are professionals passionate about canyoning since 2007 and we offer children, teenagers and adults a safe whitewater experience.

We advise you how to use canyoning outings in the Pyrénées-Orientales (66) accessible to beginners and children from 8 years old. So, ready to dive into the fascinating world of canyoning with your children?

Discover the most beautiful canyons in the Perpignan region and our 8 canyoning outings for all levels:

Canyons beginner level from 8 years old: canyon of Molitg-les-Bains et galamus canyon.

Intermediate level canyons from 12 years old: baoussous canyon, Gourg des Anelles canyon et hot water canyon of Thuès-les-Bains.

Sport level canyons from 14 or 16 years old: Llech canyon, small day canyon (Mas Calsan and Salt del Pi), big day canyon (Taurinya and the Cady).

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