Mother's Day gift: 8 original experiences to offer

What gift for your mom for him really please ? How celebrate Mother's Day respecting your beliefs ecological ? For the Mother's Day gift this year, do you want to find something better than yet another scarf, jewelry or bag that always ends up at the bottom of the closet? Sporty or creative, each mother is unique. here is a selection of gift ideas eco-friendly to say “I love you” to the first woman in your life and him offer a memorable moment. Because let's not forget that the most eco-friendly gift is the one that is not produced! No packaging, plastic or unnecessary clutter with these proposals. personalized gift cards or vouchers. Authentic experiences, sports, discovery workshops, outdoor adventure et last minute ideas… The best activity gift ideas for Mother’s Day can be read right here!

Activity gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Make a sporty gift for an active Mother’s Day

1. Book an activity gift for a Mother’s Day in the great outdoors

If your mother is the type who likes action and movement, here is the ideal gift for dynamic mothers. Choose a gift voucher for a canyoning trip ! There is something for all levels: for fans of adrenaline rushes, athletes and beginners.

On the program: abseiling, beautiful waterfalls, natural slides and swimming in pools of crystal clear water. New sensations and joy ofoutdoor experience, this unusual gift idea will delight all nature moms.

Take a look at the canyoning outings in the Pyrénées-Orientales (66) offered by Extérieur Nature. Even at the last minute, you can offer a gift card purchased online.

And if you also share your idea with the children or partner of your mother's best friend, she will be able to share this original experience with her friend! This activity can also be practiced as a couple, so how about a double Mother's Day + Father's Day ?

2. Pamper a dynamic mother

Running, cycling or hiking, is your mom tireless and never misses an opportunity to exercise? Give him a good gift for canyon spa cocoon of Exterior Nature.

A little touch ideal for active women, this offer combines the discovery of canyoning with a moment of to relax and care at the grand Hôtel de Molitg les Bains. Sports activity in a wild and preserved environment then relaxation at the spa : this is an original gift!

Choose an unusual gift to share an experience with your mother

Sometimes, the greatest gift What a mother can receive is quality time spent with her family. Here are three ideas for experiences to live together.

3. Organize a family outing for a memorable Mother’s Day

Because the life of a young mother is often busy, offering her a special time with family is an idea that deserves your attention. How about choosing a good gift for a tree climbing outing ?

Located in the countryside 25 minutes from Perpignan, the recreation Park Extérieur Nature offers 12 courses suitable for children aged 3 and over, but also for adolescents and adults. Relaxed atmosphere, challenges and encouragement: all the ingredients come together to have fun and say “I love you” in an original way.

You can complete this special day with a meal on the beautiful shaded terrace of the restaurant “Le Caillou”. Local products and tasty seasonal cuisine: be careful, happy mom and lovely memories on the horizon!

Give an Activity gift card for Mother’s Day!

Canyon Spa Cocoon

Canyoning activity

Treetop Outing

4. Find the perfect gift for a nature-loving mother

You have a small budget and you share with your mother her interest in nature and wild environments? How aboutorganize a hike on a journey that you will discover together?

You will find great ideas on the Visorando website. Choose a difficulty level and duration that matches your mom's physical abilities, and off you go!

And for an even more fantastic experience, plan the outing over 2 days. Because there’s nothing like a bivouac with a night in a tent in the heart of the mountain to experience a pleasant moment of sharing with your mother.

5. Give a gift of an experience and plan a cultural outing with your mother

If your mom is older culture » than “nature”, offer him a concert ticket, a trip to the museum or the cinema and accompany her.

Choose their favorite artists. It’s a way to take a step towards her and get to know her even better. Or on the contrary, introduce him to a musician or a group that you adore, you will then find new ground for nourish your complicity.

Choose an unusual gift to share an experience with your mother

6. Surprise an artist mother with a creative workshop

Lively gaze, heightened sensitivity and keen observer, a mom with an artistic soul will be filled by a drawing class, a photo workshop or a painting course.

Whether she is a novice or already an experienced practitioner, trying out a new discipline in the company of an artist will awaken her creativity for her greatest pleasure. And she will leave with a personalized gift.

To learn a new painting technique, contact Aline Chevalier for an internship in the Pyrénées-Orientales (66).

7. Please a DIY mom with a new activity

Your mom knit scarves, make tealight holders with driftwood, sew bags and cushions? She cooks, gardens and regularly repaints her furniture to bring it up to date? In short, it's a jack of all trades that always has a bricolage In progress.

Offer him a initiation workshop with a craftsman from his region. There is no shortage of proposals the Weacandoo website. Manufacturing cosmetics, working with leather, wood, pottery or floral arranging: you will surely find a activity which she has not yet tested.

8. Say “Happy Mother’s Day” with an eco-friendly gift

For a mother committed to the environment, how about a gift voucher for a gardening workshop ?

So she will be able to reap the fruits of your little attention for a long time. A useful and durable present for the authentic Mother's Day who looks like him. On the internet, you will surely find workshops near her home.

If you live in the Eastern Pyrenees, South of France, or you plan to come there on vacation or weekend, choose your gift voucher at Extérieur Nature. same purchased online at the last minute, a activity gift card will always be more valuable than a useless gadget.

The Outdoor Nature bonus is the souvenir photos of the outing: they are offered to all participants. Your mom can enjoy this for a long time unique gift !

Suggest your idea to her best friend's spouse or to the rest of your family: because an experience shared as a couple, with family or friends is even more memorable.

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